The Hudson Heights String Academy accepts cash in person, personal checks or money orders mailed to the address of:

Hudson Heights String Academy
555 Ft. Washington Ave
c/o Elizabeth Miller
New York, NY 10033

Please make all checks out to “Elizabeth Miller”

Late Payments:

A $50 late fee will be added for payments made after the following schedule period. i.e. If you are on a bi-weekly payment schedule, you have two weeks after your lesson period to make your payment before incurring a late fee.

Cancellation of Lessons:

Lesson times are suggested for every week and held for the student. It is suggested to keep to this schedule and 24 hours at least advance notice on cancellation. A make up lesson is a must during that week unless there is no possible way and the teacher is paid weekly to hold the time slot whether the student comes or cancels.

Instrument Rentals:

If you rent an instrument, payment is due at the beginning of the rental period. If you do not pay at the beginning of the rental period, an extra $75 will be added as a late fee. Also, the instrument is the responsibility of the renter. The rental agreement is available for review at any time. You only need request a copy via email.

Four (4) months rent is due prior to the actual time of rental. The four months rental fee acts as a deposit in case anything should happen while the instrument is in the lessors possession. Rental is automatically renewed after four months unless the renter notifies the Academy two weeks prior to the end of the rental. The Academy is not responsible for contacting the renter regarding this matter.

Online Payments:

Hudson Heights String Academy accepts Online Payments using Venmo, or Apple Pay.

Instructions for Venmo:

1. Go to to use credit card, debit card, or bank account to make payment.

2. Fill in recipient as “” and make a note regarding what payment is for.

Instructions for Apple Pay:

1. Got to Apple Pay to setup on Apple device.

2. Use textable number for Elizabeth Miller: 646-242-5316